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Gearbox Repair Services Company with
State-Of-The-Art Capabilities

Gearbox repair for mission critical equipment must rely on the archive of available documentation for all of the gearbox assemblies out there, and a gearbox repair services company must work actively in the industry to gain access to the most complete set of information and to address the needs of their clients. As a company with a focus on industrial drivetrains, H&N Electric has joined forces with a community of critical equipment suppliers to provide state-of-the-art gearbox repair and upgrade services.

Located in Washington state, H&N Electric is the only supplier in the Pacific Northwest to have access to the SOP’s and intellectual property of other Timken Power Systems gearbox brands (Philadelphia Gear, Western Gear, WesTech Gear and Hamilton Gear). With greater access to information and procedures comes increased capability and more effective solutions for our customers. Mission critical equipment requires the best gearbox repair and upgrade services available, and H&N Electric has adopted the processes and procedures Philadelphia Gear pioneered since 1892 to achieve the highest possible standards.

As part of a network of regional service centers focused on industrial drivetrains, H&N offers expertise in all gearing types. Each independently ISO 9001 certified service center has application engineers ready to provide 24/7/365 onsite assistance, with the ability to work on any brand, any time. All parts are manufactured to OEM specs, with reverse engineering capabilities using Faro Arm and/or CMM (coordinate measuring machine) for precise results. Up-rating capability analysis and full speed testing is available on all gearboxes, and all gearbox repair and upgrade services will include a post inspection and repair report with digital photographs. All gearbox repair and upgrade services are backed with a best-in-industry, 3-year warranty on equipment that is repaired “as new” at our facility in Washington state.

For the most extensive network of gear repair, testing and upgrade shops of any gearbox OEM in North America, choose H & N Electric.

Call your Timken Power Systems representative at H&N Electric today at 509.547.1691 to see how we can extend the life of your critical equipment. After all, our goal is the same as yours: reduce unplanned downtime.

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